What we do

Information suggests that schizophrenia may be a neurodevelopmental disorder involving maturing processes of the nervous system and alterations in the customary growing. Research is anticipated to slowly result in safer and new medications and to unravelling the complex causes of the disease.

The Schizophrenia Information Institute supports schizophrenia-related research in a wide variety of scientific domains, from fundamental neuroscience and genetics through to clinical and population-based studies, and has developed a broad variety of new initiatives, initially throughout New South Wales, but increasingly on a national scale.

The institute supports a multidisciplinary program of Schizophrenia Information in the areas of Developmental Neurobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Epidemiology. The Schizophrenia Information Institute has additionally been instrumental in developing Schizophrenia Information infrastructure facilities, which have provided a foundation for a range of research findings.


We make a positive difference in the lives of communities, families and people affected by schizophrenia and psychotic illnesses.


We imagine a world without schizophrenia.